Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Do i need to install an Anti Virus on my Windows 8 Operating System?

Windows users are now protected from viruses and other malicious software, right from the start, with Windows Defender .
Windows 8 combines the features of the Windows Defender found in Windows 7 with those of Microsoft’s Security Essentials software. It is a lightweight security solution, but many free and paid for Windows 8-compatible security products are available from the usual third parties. To avoid falling foul of antitrust laws, Microsoft disables Windows Defender if any other comparable security software is installed.

Seagate finally joining the consumer SSD market

Despite being one of the world's largest manufacturers of hard disk drives, Seagate has been somewhat slow or hesitant to jump into the SSD market, especially with consumer-focused drives. But today the company is finally getting serious about flash-based storage

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