Thursday, 1 August 2013

My BlackBerry Freezes and is Terribly Slow

I know this is not PC related, it is however very common question I get from many of my customers, so i thought i would post a little article on it.

Okay lets just start with rebooting the device With the BlackBerry device POWERED ON, remove the battery for a 20 secs , and then reinsert the battery to reboot.

After  using your Blackberry for a while you may experience freezing or lagging/slow response on any BlackBerry, the most important practice you can adopt is to be sure to CLOSE applications when you are finished using them.

If you just hit the red "end call" key to go back to the home screen the application actually stays open and running in the background. If you do this repeatedly don't close the applications properly,  you will have lots of apps open and consequently your memory will get used up pretty quickly.

The lack of memory is the biggest reason your BlackBerry slows to a crawl or locks up.
Get into the habit of actually using the menu key to close the applications this will at least slow down this memory-clogging process. You still may have to do a battery pull or use the "Quickpull" app once in a while when things get slow.

To check what applications are running on your device in the background, press the Menu key,
then choose Switch Applications. You will see the icons of each application there. Select the icon of the application you want to close open it then click the blackberry menu button scroll to the bottom of the menu and select 'Close'

So now, check your applications running in the background. There are commonly four or five applications that will always be running (Messages, Call Logs/Phone, BlackBerry Messenger, Homescreen, and the Browser;

There are other third party applications such as, Whatsapp, BlackBerry Alerts which will also run in the background which you cannot close if you want them to operate). Make certain that the browser is NOT on an active webpage. Close any other applications that do not need to be running (the camera or a game you were playing or Google Maps etc).

Next, Blackberry devices by default create event logs  you  can delete the event logs by doing the following:
 Holding the "ALT" button and pressing "L G L G" one after another, then press the menu button and  scroll down to 'clear log' and select it, then select 'delete'.

Clearing the memory log, we can free up 1-2 meg or so of memory space depending on amount of apps. If you do not want your blackberry to create event logs you  can select 'options' and untick the boxes  or  an even easier option is to press the menu button again and select 'Hide all Types'.

Microsoft Office suite will soon be available for Android users in the next few weeks

Just over a month after making available a mobile version of its Office suite for iPhone users, Microsoft is doing the same with an Android version of Office Mobile.

Just like it did with the iPhone version, Microsoft is tying the Android version of Office Mobile to Office 365. Users who want to use the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their Android phones will need to have an Office 365 subscription, such as Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 ProPlus or these other SKUs to get them.
Office Mobile for Android phones (known officially as "Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers") was launched initially in the U.S.  yesterday, ( July 31 2013)  and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The plan is to make it available in 33 languages and 117 markets "over the next several weeks."
The Office Mobile for iPhone and Android suites are both like the Office Mobile suite that Microsoft preloads on Windows Phone, meaning they are optimized for the editing, viewing and creation of Word and Excel documents. (Microsoft already has offered OneNote for Android phones since February 2012.)
 Unlike Office Mobile for iPhone, Office Mobile for Android phones does not include an option to purchase an Office 365 subscription from within the app, however. Office Mobile for Android phones only has a “sign in” option.
Office 365 subscribers are authorized install Office Mobile on up to five iPhones and/or Android phones. (Office Mobile on Windows Phones don't count against that total.) Office 365 University subscribers can install Office Mobile on up to two non-Windows Phones.
Microsoft is still widely believed to be developing versions of its core Office apps that would be customized to work on iPads and Android tablets. As with the iPhone and Android phone versions, these Office tablet apps would likely be tethered to an Office 365 subscription, tipsters have hinted.

(credits  : Mary Jo Foley )