Thursday, 23 May 2013

What is a POTS Filter and why do i need them?

 Post Office Telecommunications (POTS) Filter

The ADSL POTS Filter in-line filter/splitter maximizes the performance of your ADSL 
service, It allows you to connect an ADSL modem and telephone device to the same ADSL port.
It creates clearer voice communications and prevents interference by separating high frequency ADSL transmissions from phone signals. The filter isolates low-frequency voice signals to ensure
the cleanest network performance with fast, error-free data transfers.

The POTS filter must be connected to every secondary phone in your house hold or business, this includes alarm systems and fax machines that are on the same ADSL line. A POTS filter must not 
be connected to the router. A POTS splitter would be used in this case.

The benefit of an ADSL Splitter over an ADSL POTS filter is that a splitter can ac
commodate both an ADSL modem as well as a standard telephone device whereas a POTS filter 
only accommodates standard telephone devices and can complicate a setup when you want to
connect your ADSL modem as well as a telephone device at a single location.

Below: A typical POTS filter
 Below: A typical POTS filter/splitter

 POTS filter/splitters can be purchased from your nearest Telkom Shop
Telkom Direct Shop Finder

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