Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Where did the new Toolbar come from and why has my Homepage changed?

If you have installed or updated any new "free" programs, chances are you did not see the small print that says they are going to install all these other things as well.
 When you install a new program, especially if it's freeware or shareware, don't just blindly click through each page of its installer.  If you're not paying attention, you might click right past the setup screen that lets you opt out, (usually a check box that you can untick). Take your time, and make sure you're not inadvertently agreeing to install a toolbar.
Often  if you did not opt out you may also find that your Homepage has been changed.

Below: example a toolbar opt out option when installing java.

Do not let your browser get cluttered with toolbars,  yes some toolbars are  legitimate and designed to make your surfing experience easier and more pleasant, however  having many toolbars reduces the size or your web browsing area and often slow down your browsing experience.
There are also Virus/Infections that disguise themselves as helpful toolbars. Shopping Deal toolbars are a common one. Remember once a virus gets into your system it can open up all sorts of other doors for more infections to come creeping into your PC wreaking havoc along the way.

 Below: A browser cluttered with Toolbars.

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